Makeup Book: A Guide We All Need

For many women, the art of makeup is something that they have not mastered. As a woman myself, I find that makeup can be a very daunting task as you are constantly hearing about what you should do for this skin tone, what you should not do if you have a round or oval face, and so forth. With all the information out there, it can become stressful just to think about applying makeup in fear that you are going to look like something out of a scary movie. This is why I reached for a handy book about makeup tricks. I am an avid reader, and have learned a great deal from reading, so it just seemed simple to reach for a little advice on makeup.

When I first started to investigate, I knew right off that I was not looking for a book that is going to give me tons of makeup tricks that are meant to make me look like a super model. I simply wanted something that was going to help me to highlight what nature had given me. I found Bobbi Brown's "Makeup Manual". The first aspect that drew me to the book is the fact that Brown is a renowned makeup artist and many celebrities turn to her. In addition, she has a feature on television news shows that had introduced me to a bit of her work, which I liked.

The best aspect about her book is that she does not tell you how to make yourself look like a million dollars, she gives useful tips that anyone can use to help make for a more natural look, even though they are wearing makeup. She also dives into basic skin care, which most women think they know, but Brown lists a few tricks that have helped my skin exponentially.

I especially enjoyed how the book was set up, as it allowed me to pick and choose sections if I wanted. Though I read the whole book, I will admit that I skipped to some problem areas I have in order to get answers immediately. Having the ability to do this is something that I put a high value on.

Brown basically talks about all areas of makeup, including lip gloss, foundation, brows, eyes and so forth. She also answers a few dreaded questions that many of us have, such as how to make the smokey eye, and how to wear eye makeup to work that will still be appropriate for after work. It is these essentials that does make the book worth reading, while also making it a reference manual for the future.

Why I Chose To Read A Makeup Book

One of the first things that most people ask is why I would even choose to read such a book, as I could probably get my information online or through watching a television show. However, I find that this particular makeup book as instructions and photos to show how to do something right. I can always go back to the book if I have a question, unlike looking at a tiny screen on my phone or having to watch live television.

Secondly, I find that advice given in books is well thought out and researched. I want to know that the information I am getting is the best that the person has to offer. Many times on television and quick articles online, vital information is often missing due to time constraints or word counts.

What makes any makeup book great is if it appeals to the masses. With this particular book I found the information to be useful, and I believe that someone who has perfected their makeup routine, will still find some useful information within the book to utilize.

Overall, makeup does not have to be difficult with this book. You can find all the advice that you need, as well as the tricks to make this something that you can do, even if you have no talent with makeup at all.

Finally let me share with you a website with makeup samples that I found, it is very useful when you want to try some new tricks but you don't want to spend money on new products.

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