Why I Don't Own an E Reader Device

There is little doubt anymore that the e-book has won its battle with its traditional paper counterpart. Let's face it; when was the last time you actually went to a book store? Even most local libraries now lend eBooks out on their websites. Although I still have several shelves full of 'real' books, and am quite happy to browse a box of books at a yard sale or flea market to help satisfy my passion for reading, I have to admit any new titles I buy these days are in electronic form. The one thing I have not succumbed to however is the temptation to spend $100+ on a dedicated e reader like a Kindle or a Nook.

Now that may sound strange coming from a self-confessed bookophile who will read the back of a cereal box five times in desperation if I have nothing else to read. Surely for someone like me an e reader would be a must. But I have found it is not, and I will explain why:

I own an iPhone

Thanks to the proliferation of excellent prepaid cell service plans and the falling calling of the various smartphone models it is becoming increasingly rare to come across someone who does not own, and use, a cellphone that can make great use of the various apps that are available. I personally own an iPhone 4s, not the latest model but I am not one to slavishly follow Apple's every upgrade, and I have found that it can do everything a Kindle or a Nook could in terms of satisfying my passion for reading and in many ways even more.

To begin with, there are iPhone/iPad and Android apps available for both Kindle and Nook functionalities and both of those offerings are free. You still have to pay for the books of course but it saves on the high cost of an ereader device. In addition there are also a number of other great apps that offer access to books you probably won't find on either of those mainstream platforms. Some of the best apps I have found include Stanza, Wattpad and Kobo and as they are all free to download I recommend that any smartphone owning book fan do so!

Finally, as I have my phone with me at all times why would I ever want to carry an extra gadget around with me just to read a few chapters of a great book on my already cramped train ride to work?

I Own a Laptop

Most of the same apps that available for a smartphone are also available for a PC or a Mac, something that allows me to turn my laptop into a mini library as well. In the case of a computer you can also download whatever random PDF format e book you might happen to find online and begin reading it right away, no special app required.

There are uses for ereaders. They are great for kids if you don't want to let them lose on a pricier option like an iPad. They can also be extremely useful to college students, provided they have professors who allow eBooks (which many do not at this time, unfortunately) And for those who are not very tech minded a device like the Amazon Kindle Fire may be all that they need. In fact ereaders are great, but they are just not the right choice for me.

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